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Functional Yoga

Our Functional Yoga classes are designed specifically for all our members and we encourage everybody to participate, regardless of their fitness levels.

Our Program

Our Functional yoga classes are designed to help alleviate common aches and pains; release muscle tension, strengthen areas of the body that have become over used or weakened from accumulated stress and/or lack of movement.

Our classes combine movement flow, traditional yoga poses and the use of foam rollers and bands, to help you get the most out of your body and mind.

Functional Yoga

Our Functional Yoga classes are designed specifically for all our members and  we encourage everybody to participate, regardless of their fitness levels. Our Functional Yoga classes are like no other yoga class out there. Our Instructors, incorporate a variety of styles and techniques, to challenge the body, with a strong focus on correct breathing and proper execution.

Unlike other yoga classes, our functional yoga class, combines elements of animal or primal flow, the use of foam rollers and bands and traditional yoga postures; every yoga class is designed to challenge your body, exposing any weakness you may have, so you can learn to correct imbalances and get stronger.

Our Functional Yoga classes, also focus on correct breathing, teaching you how to breath, when you move, because when we breathe better, we move better.

If you are looking for a yoga class to add to your training, then you need to be doing our Functional Yoga class, it’s one of the best classes at the gym.


Head Coach: RON SALEH

I’ve been a practicing Therapist, for over 20 years now and I love what I do. “Health, Fitness, Wellbeing” are three of my favourite words and to me, encompass almost all aspects of life.

Education & Experience

Diploma’s in Sports and Advanced Remedial Massage & Dry Needling

Advanced Certificate Myo Fascial Release

Advanced Training Shiatsu and Ki Yoga

Advanced Certificate Nutrition

Advanced Certification in BreathWork – Core Breath

Even though I started as a massage therapist, almost 20 years ago, I find it difficult to label myself as one today. After years of continuous study and hands on experience, I have acquired several qualifications as a Professional Therapist, to offer you as much as possible.

I incorporate lots of yoga, with a strong focus on corrective exercises to improve mobility, stability and strength; breathing techniques to increase lung capacity, strengthen the diaphragm and maintain a strong core.

When I’m releasing the body, I use various techniques, including dry needling, advanced remedial or sports therapy, myofascial release, active release therapy, or any other tools, I have at my disposal.


What Makes My Style Different

I believe in providing simple and practical therapies, with a strong focus on correct breathing, structural alignment and functionality! My job is to get you moving and breathing better, so you can move as often as you like, without any limitations or restrictions.

What Got You Into Training / Coaching

I’ve always been fascinated by the human body and had an interest in staying active. After a long sustained basketball injury, I had to have some sports massage to relieve my pain. From there I started to study different forms of  manual therapy, nutrition, the power of the breath and my love for health and fitness was born.

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